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If you are interested in purchasing any works, please let me know which ones you are interested in, as well as the country you are in. I will get back to you with costs for the works, together with postage and insurance. All costs will be in Australian dollars. All works sent outside of Australia are sent through EMS, meaning you can track your work from the day it is sent through to delivery. Any customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser Company Phone: +61‐7‐5564‐808

Hideki Koh : Loved by collectors and art fans the world over. The majority of his works focus on the emotions, passions and affections of the beautiful youths unique to the Edo and Meiji eras of Japan.

“Dragon-Edo era”
Size: 320×420mm
Giclee print on Japanese paper.ED20
Prise: A$750.00

“Dancer-Meiji era”
Size: 420×320mm 
Giclee print on Japanese paper.ED20
Prise: A$750.00

The following works will be sold at the exhibition.
“Japanese Art Show”
Espacio gallery 159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG T:07815 319073
Date : 15-20 May 2018 Opening hours : Tue-Sat 1-7pm Sun 1-5pm

Tetsuji Shirakawa
Giclée print on canvas 3/50

Midori McCabe
“Blue Move Contained”
Acrylic & Indian ink on canvas

Watercolor, ink, color pencil

“Elephant Kiss”
Oil on canvas

Indian Ink on Japanese Paper


Papipupe Pochi
“Yellow Lily”

Oil on canvas

“Fear of global warming”
Oil on canvas

Acrylic & watercolor

Seri Hano
Giclée print with acrylic

“I can play”
Watercolor on watercolor paper

Ryo Kuwata
“Flower Village”
Water color, pencil on paper

K. Iwasaki
Acrylic & Indian Ink on illustration board

Acrylic, watercolor

Heyshiro Matsuoka
Acrylic on panel

Masumi Senoo
Ink on drawing paper

“Roof 2”
Acrylic, oil

Takaaki Mano
“Undulation #39”
Acrylic on canvas

Natsuko Poe
“Ooharu Cafe Japan”
Ink on Watson paper

Kayoco Hashimoto
“Swing a Song”
Oil on acrylic board

Ayae Suzuki

Fumiaki Asai
“Night 1”
Acrylic, magazine & other

“The butterfly garden”

Lisa Suzuki
“Pinup girls”
acrylic on paper

Hyangsun Shin
“Portrait of the Cat 1”
Japanese gouache

Kohei Hashizuka
“Face #0010”

Sachi Choco
Black ink on illustration board

Saori Kashimura
“Dakini - HOTOKE -”
Acrylic, gold leaf

Meiko Hitsujino
Cutting paper, acrylic

Shingo Terasawa
Acrylic on canvas

Tozo Kagamiya
“Ayakashi Bring Rain” 2/5
Giclée print

Mariko Ishikawa
“Fluffy-T (Keep calm)”
Craft-Japanese Paper & acrylic

Reiko Sassa
“Creatures from Venue”
Watercolor on paper

“Fragrance of that day”
Pencil & colored pencil on Kent paper

And others. Total more than 80 art works will be exhibited.
Those who can not come to the exhibition, those living abroad, please feel free to inquire